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Hygiea Studio

Flagship of our production, we studied the structure of this console trying to valorize materials, ergonomics and above all the fact that will work on this wonder so many hours per day! That’s why we assure you that technical features truly fulfill the expectations that you, as sound professionals, search in a desk. One more time, in this equipment you will have space for 8 RUs in the upper part and 12 RUs in the lower bases.

Hygiea Mastering

We created this console to surprise with few but unbelievable functionalities all those that delight in mastering. We know this is a job that requires both precision and listening, for this reason we want to make you work in the most comfortable way. Equipped with 8 RUs in the upper part and with 12 RUs in the lower part, you will have the whole necessary space to take advantage of your equipment.